Xsilon selected to showcase its Hanadu solutions for In-Home M2M at the British Business Embassy during London 2012 Olympics

Xsilon, the pioneering developer of In-Home M2M connectivity, has been selected by UK Trade & Industry to exhibit its Hanadu solutions at this summer’s British Business Embassy.

UKTI is staging the British Business Embassy at London’s prestigious Lancaster House for the entire duration of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games. Over this period, it will showcase the best of British industry across a wide range of business sectors to the international audience that will be visiting London during the Games. As part of the UK Government’s “Business is Great Britain” campaign, the theme being promoted at the Embassy on Friday 3rd August is the UK’s ICT
sector. Over 250 companies applied to be included in this ICT day. Xsilon is delighted and proud to be among the thirty businesses that have been chosen to participate at Lancaster House.

The Global Business Summit on ICT will bring together participants from leading international ICT companies such as Intel, Cisco, IBM, ARM, Samsung, BT, BBC, Telefonica, Vodafone, TalkTalk, Autonomy, Sophos, Shazam, Bebo, CSR, Logica, Imagination Technology, Qualcomm, Huawei and
NEC. Senior business leaders and politicians from around the globe will be involved in a full day’s programme of presentations and discussions on a variety of ICT themes, including Xsilon’s own areas of Cloud Services, M2M and Smart Infrastructure. UKTI has selected thirty up and coming young ICT businesses to participate in the programme, providing them with a platform from which to project their vision and products to this multinational audience of ICT decision-makers.

Xsilon will be presenting its Hanadu In-Home M2M solutions, with the first public outing for its HAN9000 Connectivity Evaluation Kit. Hanadu is a connectivity technology that has been specifically designed to connect up the Internet of Things within the home. As such, it is the first M2M solution that has been aimed at mass market deployments in the domestic environment, having uniquely been set the design goal of reaching into the difficult-to-connect parts of every type of
home – this is Xsilon’s “Whole Home, Every Home” philosophy.

The HAN9000 Connectivity Evaluation Kit will be available to industry partners and customers in Q3 this year. This will be followed in early 2013 by the HAN9250, a fully-functional Hanadu modem module for use by application developers, and in late 2013 by the HAN1250 which will be a deeply integrated Hanadu module.

Russell Haggar, co-founder and VP, Business Development at Xsilon, said “Everyone on the team here at Xsilon is so proud that Hanadu has been selected to be showcased at the British Business Embassy. The UK has a fantastic track record of technology success in the ICT sector, and we
intend to continue that pattern as the global electronics industry gears up for the Internet of Things, M2M and Smart Homes.”

The 2012 Games are the greatest business networking event in the global calendar where companies from all over the world will come to London to meet, interact and do business. The British Business Embassy is being supported at the highest levels of the UK’s government, and UKTI expects the programme to generate at least £1 billion of extra income for British businesses. Prime Minister David Cameron has previously said, “This summer’s Olympics will put the eyes of the world on Britain as we host not just an unparalleled sporting spectacle, but also a chance for companies from across the globe to interact and do business here in the UK. A wide range of British companies will be involved alongside the world’s leading business figures in this exciting programme of events.”